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By far the best!


My feet have been very neglected over the past few weeks, thanks to my post-holiday exercise/hiking/climbing binge.  I really wanted a pedicure but I didn't want to venture too far from home as it's been kind of cold lately (....yes, I'm Canadian, but I'm from the WARM side of the country!!).  I walked into Royal Nails and Spa and was immediately struck by the shininess of the place.  It was immaculate: gleaming white floors, pristine countertops and chairs, clean (whitewashed??) walls.  

My regular pedicure took 45 minutes and included the standard buff, file, exfoliation, and polish.  It also included a hot stone leg massage and hot towel treatment.  Nice!  My feet emerged from their scaly cocoon (gross, yes, but evocative image, oui?) sporting a pretty purple palette pick.  :)  Total cost was $25 before tip.

I'm definitely coming back!


-Karen M. from Las Vegas

Highly recommended...


I finally found my local nail salon shop. After moving out here a year ago I've tried many other salons out in the NW. And I finally found my place today. The place is clean, nicely decorated. And they use sanitized tools! They were friendly and talkative. Frank took his time with my pedicure and it's been by far the best pedicure I've had done in a long time. My last pedicure at another salon was very rushed and a disaster to say the least. A coupon brought me in this time, but the service and quality of work will continue to bring me back. I do recommend. I can finally check this off my list.


-Sophia S. from Irvine, CA

Keep coming here!


The place is super clean and the decor is beautiful! Tweety and Kim do the best work @ this salon. Both ladies have a great sense of humor. Both are very talented in their work.


The Spa Pedicure is the best with the Hot stone Massage....Heavenly I must say. Kim takes her time during my Pedi's. What a way to relax after a long day at work! I recommend you check it out for your self. I have no complaints and will continue to keep coming here!


-April R. from Las Vegas


Recommended for moms!


I love getting my manicure and pedicures here. I've been coming here for a year now and they always do such a great job every time I come in. The salon is clean, nicely decorated and they work fast, which is great because being a mom I always have somewhere to be. I would and do recommend them. 


-Nizhoon Talker from Las Vegas



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